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Is code review worth it?

You have had a long week coding for your company's new system! You are already done, and are you ready to deploy? or wait... what about some code review, just before that big step?

Code review is the action of checking/exploring someone's code or having someone reviewing your code. Code review is actually considered a good practice during the software development process and it is necessary for reducing technical debt in the near future.
Not only small dev teams should be doing code reviews, the reality is that large companies do it too, for example Google Google's Engineering Practices documentation

Still thinking... is code review worth it?
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Well, code review is necessary to keep high quality code standards, therefore to be able to avoid different "issues" from bugs in production to expensive code maintenance which can lead to a high technical debt, to learn more check out this book Technical Debt in Practice: How to Find It and Fix It

Indeed, code review can take lots of minutes from the dev team, however it is worth the future more minutes and hours that might take to fix bugs, security issues, pitfalls, and others. Most developers might still be saying "no time for code review" when they have over 400 lines of code (LOC) in their files :/ It is time to remember... good coding practice your files might have in between 200-400 LOC at a time!

Code review is worth it! Some practical benefits from starting applying with your dev team soon:

  • Detect problems with the logic stated to solve the problem
  • Find errors with the design patterns + software architecture
  • Develop a better documentation
  • Review your code complexity
  • Check inconsistencies with the style guide
  • So many others more

As well, code review does not always have to be manual, it can be actually automated to gain insights faster and benefit more from your team’s meetings. Check out Code Inspector for Automated Code Reviews

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Julien Gabriel

I do agree with you. It also helps small teams to spray knowledge (tech and business). Junior can learn a lot by reviewing code from more experienced dev (inverse works too!)

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leslysandra Author

Indeed! sharing knowledge and good practices is also super important!