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How to do a code review on GitHub?

How is your code review process going on? How are your skills on GitHub going on?

As a newbie programmer, both questions might be a bit overwhelming, however, we are here to join you through this process!

First of all, Code Review on GitHub!
Remember when storing your code in GitHub... A pull request says, “Here are some changes that I have made in my copy. Please incorporate them into the main version of the program.”source

Therefore, when understanding this process, and what a pull request is, it is possible to do this in GitHub, check this information

GitHub is an amazing tool when cloning, merging, and so. However, if you need extra check, code review and quality, Code Inspector cannot miss!

As you can see in the video, adding Code Inspector to your repo and just when "merging", you will get another "check" for code quality analysis. This will help for sure getting better in your code and legacy.

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