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Good coding attracts new jobs - Code Inspector Talks!

In this episode at Code Inspector Talks, we are having Rodolfo Ferro as a guest with us to learn about his experience in software development and his advice on good coding practices.

Chatting with Rodolfo

Rodolfo, originally from Mexico, and currently working as a Machine Learning Engineer tells us about his background in mathematics and how he discovered that learning how to code will give him new job opportunities and the chance to contribute to different software projects to the world.

Since he has been coding on python, he has committed himself to learn more about this language, for example syntax, types of variables, how to write good functions, and how to write good documentation using docstrings

He mentioned these as good coding practices in python:

  • Think about scalability how your project coded in python could go beyond first expectations
  • Write a code to be used by other people. Contribute to the tech community
  • Write down good documentation and every time you update your functions update your documentation as well!
  • Testing! testing is important! He has been using pytest

He mentioned some challenges that he has faced while coding in python:

  • When checking old code from someone's, it is really a challenge to understand it or update it if there is no documentation
  • Code refactoring and maintenance, both are challenges themselves! Even more, when code is not readable and not documented
  • Generalizations! watch out with generalizations in python, and learn more about the different changes that every new version of python brings.

Moreover, Rodolfo highlighted that time when he was working with a Spanish company as a software developer and that a few years later, this same company asked him to join them because they really liked a lot how Rodolfo writes code! 🤓

We had a great time chatting with Rodolfo! Thank you for the advice and for sharing experiences with us to help us be better coders 😅

Thank you, Code Inspector community, to join us in this talk! More other talks coming soon... 🎉

|Watch the full interview on our YouTube Channel|

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