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I'm 100% remote for a company in the Seattle area, and I live in the EST timezone.

I've worked in-office at big tech companies, and have now been fully remote for a year.

I'm definitely more productive/available as a remote worker, and overall it's been a win/win for the employee and employer.

My schedule generally starts around 7:30AM to get my child ready for school. Depending on my schedule alignment(if I'm following the EST based team or the PST team) I might go back to sleep for a while, or I'll get cleaned up and sit down for work by 9:30 AM or so.

The days I'm aligned to PST are a little funny, as I generally don't start until 11-12, and work until 8.

The flexibility is huge. If I need to go run errands, it's minimally disruptive. I'm much more available for piano recitals/school functions etc...

On top of everything else, the CoL in my area is much more manageable compared to a tech hub like Seattle. We were able to afford a nice house with a big yard, and we live close to family.

I understand not every employee or role is suitable for remote work, but I can't recommend it enough if you can make it work.

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