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From my experience, developers that have a degree turn out to be either really good developers(developing is their true passion) or really bad developers(meaning they started developing because it pays high - not for passion). I'm 100% self taught and I haven't had a hard time finding good paying jobs. In fact, I often make more than my college degree holding peers simply because developing IS MY PASSION. I started using Linux, terminal, upgrading/fixing computers etc., by my early teens. I did attend college for one semester but I quickly got discouraged when my computer science teacher didn't know what "pointers" were. Pointers being a common feature in most languages that is derived from the c language.

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Prashen Jeet Roy

You are right!
I was basically love the computer. Did not decided. Got first computer since 2007.
At that time I was a teacher of Desktop publishing software like Photoshop, illustrator, page maker, corel-draw etc. It was my Bachelor's of commerce part time jobs. I was good at photoshop so I have decided to think on animation courses for being a animator. But when coming to metro city of Kolkata in India that time 3d animation production houses were not there.

So I moved to web designing course and convert myself as a Graphic and html designer. :)

Now I am experienced 8 years of experience in this IT field as a Senior Fullstack developer.

I am telling my story that I have few friends who has MCA degree but getting salary less what I take. And even they are not a passionate developers who fixes issues. They just completes their degree for jobs.

I was passionate with computer and I have even done computer chip level courses and mobile chip level and can repaire computers and phones. Do you imagine it's just for knowledge, I did this courses. I did not do it for job. I just want to know how these things works. And it helped me.