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Discussion on: Using VS Code and GitHub Gists As a Web Development Playground

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Nicolas Quijano

This is so brilliant, it's also prototyping heaven with the GitHub and gist integration : run a gist, gets stored, and then you want to try this (web asm) or that (supernativebutnotquite3dAPIFromHell), just fork, edit build run, saved as a gist which I assume is fully intrumentable
Run automated tests on mutliple configurations to get relevant statistîcs, etc.
Thank you, going to be taking a look asap

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Jonathan Carter Author

Thanks! I’ve been iterating on the experience quite a lot since I released this post, so it might be worth checking out my twitter stream 😁 @lostintangent .

Please let me know if you get a chance to check out the extension, and whether you have any feedback on how we could improve the experience further.