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Discussion on: Rails gets out of the way when you need that most.

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Nicolas Quijano

Alas, bad habits have made software bloat quote faster than Moore's law predicted hardware speed would double, which hasn't been true since multi cores became standard, we are not even close to a 50% return on parallelization using 2 cores, so.imagine with 16 ? You get a lot of idling thread, cache hits happen a lot more : try maintaining localization of data in gigabytes with hopefully each core running threads accessing the same cache lines....
Fastest era of computing was MacOS 7-8 on PPC 604e at 200 MHz with 1 gig of RAM and 8 PCI slots for a Voodoo1 8 megs and later a Voodoo3 16 megs for a triple display machine that from the day it finalized was only used for graphsims F/A 18 Hornet Korea Flight sim. That mac retailed at 5 grand Canadian with 64 megs of RAM but could run Win95 on Virtual PC 2 faster than a Pentium 166 (years before MS bought it, back when Bungie was a Mac games studio first)
For PCs it was the MS DOS 6.22 era on 486 DX2 or a the centurys turn running Linux and BeOS 5 on a cheap dual Celeron box with with GeForcs 2...
So I tend to code with a lot less RAM bloat, and eye candy must be both dynamically throttled to a minimal extent and user togglable. My Windows still look like win2k