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Nicolas Quijano • Edited

You are awesome, your love and fiery enthusiasm for the craft of coding is music to this formerly burnt out game industry vet. I have to set circumstances so that I feel that enthusiasm and thrill as it's been Hell trying to get the flow going against the PTSD (which I suffer from for violence related trauma) like procrastination of having burnt out twice working for AAA studios. My current project is a labor of love, very dear to me which might lead to some commercial opportunities or financing from local government programs as I'm designing it to be a reusable framework, turnkey scalable security oriented social media. The first iteration is meant to help sex workers work in a safer manner by engaging in their security and that of their peers in a proactive manner that will leave them in total control of the info they share. If self deployed timer events, chosen contacts will have all the shared info on hand to either decide to intervene themselves or call in Law enforcement. It will be open source :)