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I remember, back in my days, when I first tried a Linux distro. It was Mandrake 10. I remember coding in C and C++, listening to music, and having fun. I'm currently on Pop_OS! 20.04, I am Microsoft-free since 2013 (not entirely true because I use VSCode and play Minecraft).

One of the things I hated in Windows was some problems we had with file permission. I don't know if it has been addressed by now but it was not possible to remove the read-only status of a folder recursively without the need for a "super-admin" sketchy software. Like you said, without any POSIX terminal (like in Linux, macOS, and Unix system), it was impractical. I heard that today WSL 2 Windows is now in the game, but I don't get why I would go to Windows so I could use a software that makes it more like Linux.

And please, for the love of God, can Microsoft just make everybody happy and remove the need for '\r' character?

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