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Help me get started with Stripe

coderlookingtocreate profile image guess_and_check_is_lame ・1 min read

Im looking to add the following functionality to my app and was wondering where to start on Stripe (or elsewhere if you have any recommendations!).

A creator goes onto my app, creates an account, adding payment info and setting a price of 5 dollars for users to subscribe to him. Next: 1 of many users, stumbles upon his account, and decides to subscribe.
So he presses subscribe and fills in payment info or uses apples payment system, to subscribe to this creator (5 dollars per month). Finally at some point (perhaps at the end of the month or beginning) when payment occur I get 30% of the 5 dollars and the creator gets the other 70%.

So It seems to me that the Express setup is the best for me. But am not sure how to get started. I've made it to here( But still don't have a beginning point. Is there a cocoapod to implement, etc?

I've also asked this Q:

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guess_and_check_is_lame Author

You'll need to create the subscriptions first then the Separate Charges and Transfers when you need to transfer between your connect,