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re: What Alternative Text Editors Does DEV Use? (Not VS Code 🐱‍👓) VIEW POST

re: I still use vim :) with my own set of plugins managed by vim-plug. ctrlp and nerdtree are my top two essential plugins. I think the best way to g...

I think the best way to get started with vim is the hard way



That's probably true, but I like to introduce people to Vim inside of VS Code with the VIM extension. It's a great way to let people get their feet wet without committing a lot of time.

I like that idea. It didn't work for me, though. I would fall back to what I knew and avoid using Vim motions. To me, it's like learning any language...immersion is key.


That's true Jared, I will also give it a try, the hard way.

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