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What I read this week?

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Beginning of this week, I've decided to create a twitter account dedicated to collection of programming articles worth reading.

My stack is LEMP, besides I'm using git control version system and in front end I've had a chance to work with Angular & Vue.

So expect articles in those topics.

First article is very well written article about upcoming PHP 8's Features, Improvements, and the JIT Compiler.

If you are new to git and not yet confident enough to rock on command line, this git cheat-sheet will help you to get there!

First week of sharing, beginner guidelines. This article will clear doubts on difference between SQL and MySQL.

Detailed analysis of open-source java script frameworks. I'd be surprised if any developer worked with all of them. This article draws general picture for those wondering.

PHP 8 is one week closer! An article about totally new feature for php: Attributes!

Interested ?

If you are interested articles like that, I invite you to follow me on Twitter! If you have similar articles, I also would like to share, in my feed!

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