S7:E2 - How do I level up? (Ben Orenstein)

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You've been coding for a little while. Maybe you just finished a bootcamp, maybe you're in your first job or your second. But at what point do you get to level up? And what does leveling up even look like for a developer? We talk to Ben Orenstein, one of the creators of Upcase, a learning platform designed specifically to "take the junior out of your title." He shares what technical topics you should learn when trying to level up, and what steps a newbie might take to start that leveling up process. We also feature our second installment of Tales from the Command Line, where Scott McCarty share stories on how he built up his confidence as a coder and how you can too.

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Ben Orenstein

Ben is a programmer and entrepreneur. He's one of the creators of Upcase, a learning platform that takes the "junior" out of your title. He's also CEO of Tuple, a remote pair programming tool.

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