S6:E8 - What do you need to know about security? (Kyla Guru)

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Kyla's really passionate about cybersecurity. She's so passionate that she started a company that produces events and content to help people better understand security and how to protect themselves. She's worked with IBM and Facebook, created open source curriculum that's being used in other countries, and she's also sixteen. She shares why she's so passionate about security, what we as consumers and developers should pay attention to, and how we can build security into all the things we code.

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Kyla Guru

Kyla is 16 years old and built a national nonprofit that now sustains 25+ national partnerships with school districts, corporations like IBM and Facebook, and education platforms including Discovery Ed, all in order to increase awareness for cybersecurity. Kyla also leads a high-school team in organizing the GirlCon Chicago conference annually. She enjoys cookies, change-making, and coding in her free-time.

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