S5:E2 - What is quality engineering? (Rocio Montes)

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You may have heard of quality assurance and testing, but what's quality engineering? Intuit engineer, Rocio Montes, guides us through the world of quality, and shares why she's so passionate about this piece of the product development process. She also shares her own journey of being a quality engineer and how you can get started on the same career path.

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Rocio Montes

Rocio Montes is a Staff Software Engineer at Intuit. She leads the automation and quality strategy for the consumer open platform team. Outside of Intuit, she is on the leadership team of San Diego's β€œGirl Develop It” and the Co-founder of β€œEmar”, a small business whose mission is to connect small businesses in the US who have tech needs with software engineering interns in Peru.

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