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I may have mentioned this before, but the CODE Mechanical Keyboard is well worth the investment. :) It's amazing how much of a difference having a keyboard you love typing on makes.

I actually look forward to work sometimes just because I get to type!

(Or maybe I'm weird?)


I had a huge "crisis" deciding between CODE and Das keyboard.
In the end I went for this. It was love at first sight.

Mechanical keyboards are important!


If I'm not mistaken, Ben's keyboard is a Das pro 4, which is an amazing product in itself.

I'm more of an Ergodox kind of guy. Once you go split keyboard, you can't come back!
Being able to easily customize the layout with multiple layers is amazing.

Building your own keyboard is also an amazing experience, I'd strongly recommend it if you're into keyboards.
My ergodox for reference:
My build


I agree, re: split keyboard, though I use the UHK, which is also amazing.


I've heard great things about the Ergodex! The Das Keyboard also looks nice.


I have one to, and I never would change back to an classical Keyboard.

Image of my Ergodox


@ben if you really have Das Keyboard, how is it? I'd like to get one myself but I'm hesitating.

Yeah. Das Pro 4. I'm perfectly happy with it, but also have never been overly picky in this way. In fact, I only adopted it because someone else had bought it on our team and was no longer using it and I picked it up from a closet (a luxury that is no longer as simple as a distributed team).

Zero complaints, it's been great, but I'm not picky enough. I'd like to become pickier about my keyboards because it seems nice to have opinions, it's just never been something I'm sensitive to.

It's not as pretty as some other ones, it's kind of generic, and I'm also curious about different ergonomic considerations, but for what it is I've been perfectly happy.

Jason—definitely going to check that out, but again, just not picky enough.

One thing I'm curious about switching to possibly is something wireless. I don't think the latency would be a concern (seems more of a gaming problem) and the fact that I have a wireless track pad just makes the idea of having no wires on my desk feel pretty dang awesome.

One of the chief concerns with a wireless is actually security, although that's seldom discussed. It is all too easy to implement a physical keylogger that intercepts a wireless keyboard signal.


I've just checked that keyboard and it looks amazing, it's a shame it's not available in Spanish layout.


The keys can all be pulled, and either rearranged or replaced with different keys from WASD keyboards. Unfortunately, the hardware switches at the back are only for switching between QWERTY, DVORAK, etc, but perhaps you could theoretically tell your computer to treat it like a Spanish layout anyway. The only other downside is that the WASD replacement keys don't support the backlight. So...blah.


is it better than the standard Apple wireless keyboard? Why?


Two words: mechanical switches

Layout's pretty darned excellent, too, and customizable at that.

So, eleven words?


I really want to get one of the ErgoDox-EZ split ortho-linear keyboards, just got to get the funds together. Kind of hard to budget a $350 keyboard at the moment, but boy does it look sweet.


DYI is the solution!
I built mine for around 200$ CAD, where the switches and keycaps were over half the price.

It's still expensive, but it's a normal price for a high-end keyboard such as this one!

How much experience did you have soldering before you built yours? Any specific tutorials you followed?

I didn't have much soldering experience, and none on a PCB!

Regarding the tutorial, I alternated between the three available on ergodox.io: Text, images and video, depending on how much I understood the content.


Do CODE have Mac keycaps or is that just for the custom boards on the wasdkeyboards site?

I touch type, so I'm particular about the symbols being right :P


It comes with a blank Super key. You can purchase a keycap from WASD Keyboards for Mac (I have one for Ubuntu).

Nice, thanks!

My Das got into an accident right after I got it (beer...) and the right special characters have bad days sometimes, so I've known I've needed a replacement :)

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