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Earlier this year, I was doing technical editing for a video course set to be released by <POPULAR TECH PUBLISHER>, when I discovered that the author had copy-pasted entire sections of copyrighted material from onto his slides, and then read those slides verbatim in his video. No credit was given. Based on the author's code, and several claims he made in the videos, I doubt he had more than an absolutely rudimentary understanding of C++, and that he was repurposing other people's work to make up for his lack of knowledge in developing this video course.

(The lackadaisical response of <POPULAR TECH PUBLISHER> led me to turn down a contract offer from them. Just as well...a few weeks later, No Starch Press offered me much better terms, so I went with them instead!)


Thank you Jason for not only sharing this, but turning down a contract offer from them. I'm so excited No Starch Press offered you much better terms too! That's awesome!

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