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Kinda echoing @amuellerml here, but I've been coding for many years, and I've only ever needed one of these (a scripting language) in my work. I'm a game and game engine developer, and I spent a lot of time creating libraries to that aim. You might consider re-titling. ;)

On that note, I think "full stack" is something of a misnomer as well. You're presumably doing web development, which is fantastic...but you aren't actually working with a huge part of the "stack" - the kernal, assembly, nor any of the low-level languages your technologies are built on. You're not messing with a GUI toolkit (you've got a pre-built web framework for that). Not to say you need to - it's pointless for your work - but it's still a legit part of the stack that coders actively work on. :)


Hey Jason,

Yeah, once again, fair comment. I probably should have defined full stack up front, as everyone kinda has a different definition in their head about it.

As I said here a revised edition will make more of an effort to consider game programmers too... which are almost in a different category! I'll think about how to make it work.

Keep crushing it! Gamers gotta game.


Well, there's a wide range among game programmers, too. Someone using Unity doesn't need the same tools as someone using PyGame, nor the same tools as someone (like me) building their own engine.

To be honest, there is very little all the branches of coding have in common. Probably an editor or IDE, a debugger, and a VCS. The rest varies.

If you'd like to know my company's complete stack, check out:

Thanks Jason! I'll take this into consideration for the next version of the post. I appreciate the insight here :)

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