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re: I don't believe anyone of us is done learning nor is there one correct way to approach the field. I started programming professionally in high leve...

There are an endless parade of technical details in our field. Why does your preferred set need to be everyone's path?

I never said that my preferred set needs to be on everyone's path. If you read my article again, you'll notice that I'm not holding up any language as "the one answer". I am merely making the point that all programmers need to eventually master the underlying principles of programming, yet too many avoid them.

Build your career in JS if you like. Or Rust. Or Haskell. Or COBOL, if you are so inclined. Whatever path you take, learn to code well.


In the end coding well probably matters less than making a product that does what people need. Otherwise, no beginners could exist in our field. Although I agree that it is a worthy lifetime endeavor, at least for me.

Coding well is a necessary step to ensuring software is stable and maintainable, both of which are necessary parts of making a product that does what people need.

Beginners certainly don't need to grasp every topic I've outlined right away. The point is simple: if you want to succeed as a programmer, you must pursue it. Avoiding it is a lose-lose scenario.

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