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re: Thank you for your input! Allow me to respond and clarify: JS is typed language, it is dynamically-type-checked language (or some people short it... my experience this only leads to lots of red squiggly lines.

I don't know much about TS (and not a fan of JS, but let's leave that out of this), but I do know a lot about both C++ (static typing) and Python (dynamic typing).

If your code is filled with red squiggly lines from any linter or other static analyzer, you can almost certainly depend on your code being the problem, not the analyzer!

The same flawed logic in what I just quoted at the top is the reason C++ developers are afraid to turn on -Werror: "but, but, my code won't compile, it'll just give lots of errors.

I've seen that issue in nearly every language I've worked in, so it simply tells me that if someone is working in TS, and is avoiding strict mode because "too many red squiggly lines," you can bet the house they've been writing bad code. Chances are, in fact, they're using TS as if it were nothing more than JS-with-type-hints-on-top...and utterly eschewing the patterns and logic one must follow when working with types.

All that to say, if someone's gripe is too many red squiggly lines, I wouldn't trust the quality of their code in that language.

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