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re: I wish I would get on board with your message (and I would have in the past), but there are so many things that are red flags for me. Lemme try t...

Mm, yeah, you've summed up my views pretty well.

I try not to be overtly negative in interviews, but there are some things that I'm better off owning, such as the fact that I absolutely hate Javascript. That's not a passing opinion either; not only have I used it, but I was also among the experts on StackOverflow in the closely-related ActionScript 3.0 when that language was popular.

If that means I don't get the job, that's probably for the best, because I would resent every moment I had to work in that language. A good developer should know his or her own mind.

With that said, I am very careful about what things I'm negative about. My personal opinion (at this time) is that PHP looks a bit cluttered as a language, but I'm not going to say that in an interview because I don't know PHP. It may well be that I'll find I like it (hey, I like C, so it's possible!)...or maybe I won't, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. I can learn just about anything, and I'd rather send that message.

That said, yeah, I agree one definitely shouldn't make snide and sarcastic remarks in general, especially in interviews, and should still keep the negativity carefully in check. But, "I yam who I yam." If I sell them a falsely saccharine version of me, everyone loses. Yes, I'm a developer, a communicator, and a fast learner...but I'm also (respectfully) passionate. If the workplace can't handle that part of my personality, I'd rather know that now.

P.S. From the other side of the table, if an interviewee owns that they hate C++, I'd be glad to learn of it then, instead of weeks or months into their job with us. Can we show them things to help them love it? Are they better suited for the Python code base instead? Is this job just not to be a good fit? Better to find out now!

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