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C++ and Python are my all-time favorites.

C++ is one of my favorites because of the complete control it gives me. I adore memory management, so allocation, pointers, and the lack of a garbage collector make me very happy. I'd rather have all the control with the risk of undefined behavior, rather than no undefined behavior with limited control. Anyway, I love debugging undefined behavior. Besides that, C++ offers all the tools to work in every imaginable coding paradigm, or any combination thereof - procedural, object-oriented, generic, functional, you name it. I'm not limited to one possible solution: I can build practically anything well.

I love Python's unique syntax and underlying logic. Immutability is absolutely awesome! I appreciate the Zen of Python, and I'm drawn to the audacious beauty of the language itself. Python as a community and a language places great value on doing things well, which is one of my highest personal values.

I know many other languages, and that list continues to grow, but C++ and Python are my perennial favorites. Each release only strengthens that passion.

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