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  • What I'd really like to see is a way to actually feature articles. Some of my personal favorites get lost in the backlog, so it'd be cool to be able to pin a few (maybe three) of my favorites to the top, alongside my most recent post. While we're at it, maybe show my most popular article up there too?

  • Similarly, "top (five?) tags" might be helpful, so people get a quick idea of what I usually write about. Most of my contributions are to #culture and #python right now, and we'd probably get more engaged followers if they knew what topics to expect from any given author.

  • I'd also like to see better integration with other VCS services, so we can pin repositories from Bitbucket, GitLab, or Gitote. (While we're add it, perhaps adding Gitote to the links?)


I really dig the "top tags" idea. Similarly, it'd be awesome if one could filter through an individual person's writing by tag. This way, if I were viewing your profile, for instance, I could filter to see just #python or just #culture... or perhaps even more than one tag at a time.

I'm envisioning your profile including another column on either the left or right of articles (similar to the way you've set up "skills/languages" in your profile) that would list the different tags you've covered. I'm thinking it would list your most used tag at the top and descend from there. And as a profile viewer, I could then flip them on and off depending on what results I'd like to see.

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