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re: Hi, nice article, but honestly I've abandoned virtualenv in favor of Docker. What are your thoughts about this tool?

Docker has a lot of uses, but merely as a replacement for virtual environments? It's overkill. If a virtualenv is a sandbox, Docker is a clean room. You can use it, naturally, but if the only thing you were needing was a controlled set of Python packages, it's a lot of wasted time and disk space.

Now, if you actually need to control your environment beyond what virtualenv allows you to control, Docker is fine. (It makes sense for web development, for example.)

Just not as a straight virtualenv replacement.


Thanks for your reply, Jason.

I enjoy using Docker, mostly because I always have a database or something similar standing next to the actual application, plus deploying Docker is super easy, but perhaps I should try using venv more. Thank you :)

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