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Starting off with replit

I am codemonkey51 check me out at Discord: CoderMan51#8112
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Starting off with Replit

In my last post I talked about how I found, I will now talk about how I initially used it

So the first thing I made when I found replit, was..... A repl of course. I was greeted with a complex (but at the same time easy to understand) GUI. There was a place to code, an output areas, and a run button.


First project

First I made a simple "Hello World" repl then made a "programming language". I put it in quotes, because it was basically just a bunch of splits and if's.

Next steps

I kept creating programs, but only on the anonymous mode (which doesn't exist anymore). Eventually I got tired of having to store every program url in bookmarks, and created an account.

The account

With an account I discovered 2 things, repl naming and descriptions. Along with Repl Talk

With these two new powers I started naming my repls, and I started not posting on repl talk. At that point in time I wanted no-one to find my profile, it was full of what I thought was amazing projects, but I wasn't ready to share them yet.

Not using repl talk didn't mean I didn't look at it, in fact I looked at it a lot just didn't interact at all, that meant no commenting, and no upvoting, it took some time to build up the courage to say hello.

The first post

I continued to make repls. Until one day... PI DAY!!??!! I created my first project (in python2.7 as that is what I used at the time) shared on repltalk.

next post I will talk about my first content on repl talk, and how I proceeded to use it a lot, and how I became a better programmer with repl talk.

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If you have anymore feedback please reply to this comment with it (I am working on increasing my writing style)