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Math is fun.

What did you think when you first read that title, that I am crazy, or that I'm just lying for a title. But neither of those is true.

(except maybe the crazy one)

Math is fun.

opening thoughts

Maybe I'm just crazy, but it seems a lot of people don't like math. That's understandable, some math is complex and hard or tedious to do. I agree that some parts of math are hard and tedious. But I still find it fun


This is a minor thing, but some people say maths, nope I say math.

Math's relationship with code

If you code a lot you might find a lot of stuff that involves math appear in your code, wether it's addition, subtraction, exponents, or square roots, most code will contain some math. Math formulas can make things easier, and even do things that are almost impossible without them.

Why math is fun (for me)

I just like math, because I can understand what it means, and do it.

Math is Consistent

Unlike learning a language, or an instrument, math is very straightforward. Unlike English there aren't so many rules (and exemptions/contradictions) for how an expression/equation/inequality can be formed. Also it is consistent, in English can not can become can't, but will not becomes.... not willn't, but won't. If you had just learned about contractions, but not about this special rule and you were told that willn't is not a word you would be cunfused.


A lot of things can become very simple once you learn them, and how they work/what shortcuts you can use to simplify them.

It's everywhere

Try to think of one thing that doesn't have numbers or math.

  • Computers: use binary, check
  • Sun: has a temperature, uses fusion (which also has math)

If you have an opposing/the same opinion on this, feel free to comment it.

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Hunter Peress

There are SO many ways to present math ;-) Geometry is totally different from graph theory or calculus or game theory ;-)

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Sanjaay R.


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Codemonkey51 Author