Top 21 Interview Questions for Java Developers You Totally Should Know

CodeGym on February 19, 2019

There are myriads of Java interview questions and we can’t collect all of them in one article. However here you can find some very common Java in... [Read Full]
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Great post!

I want to add that an interface can have a method with a body using the default modifier and it is frequently called @FunctionalInterface.

Example: github.com/vavr-io/vavr/blob/4fa63...


Please correct answer for question 10 as java 8 allows default methods in interfaces


20 "it should be followed by either a catchblock or a finally block" - not needed when doing try-with-resources, where the finally block is implied.

3 could it be that the title is wrong? Maybe you meant "Can we execute code before the main() method?"


maybe add codes in the markdown code element

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