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What technologies are you currently learning?

codeguppy profile image Adrian twitter logo ・1 min read

What technologies are you currently learning?
... and what motivates you to learn this new cool technology?

Share with community!

P.S. Please mention if you are learning this as a way to get into coding or just to expand your existing knowledge for work / hobby reasons.

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It's going to be part of us accomplishing the next phase of our development...

Also messing around with Electronjs.



DEV desktop app in the works?


What if it wasn’t just for DEV, but for navigating all the forums built on our open source software in the near future?

What if? 🤔


Hi everyone,

I am learning react.js and UI/UX to expand my little knowledge of those technologies. I need material and professional help. Currently, am working as a junior web developer in CBIT industries.


Okay, so my tips for free high quality resources are....

  • Scrimba for getting comfortable with new frameworks or concepts (they've also got some AI tracks)
  • FullStackOpen to put all of the pieces together and gather enough knowledge to build full stack applications with JS.

Apart from that, if you're new, you could try the #codeathome Bootcamp by TechLabs as it's free anyd you'll become member of a very supportive community!


Thanks, Louis I appreciate it. I checked on TechLabs their Global program is not available I will join their next phase of the program. Thanks, once more.


I am starting to learn Flutter, which is something I've been wanting to do for a while! I've been learning a lot about full stack web Dev for the last few months, but have always wanted to get my feet wet with mobile development. I'm having an absolute blast so far! I'm hoping to use it to add some skills onto my resume. If anyone has any recommendations for good resources to learn/practice with, I'd greatly appreciate it!


Rust, and in special the async-std web "stack": async-h1, http-types, and tide. I finally understand so many things that I skipped using Django. Is at the same time so much "lower level" yet so much more clear to me. Or maybe because now I'm older and wiser,... nah, must be something else.

(I have less hair now tho)


Right now it's React and Gatsby.

Down the line it will be combining React and Gatsby to work with Headless WordPress. (Combining what I'm learning with what I already know). The speed of React & Gatsby combined with the power and familiarity of WordPress sounds pretty unstoppable to me.

My motivations for learning React are pretty much focused around getting the kind of job I want.


Rust, gRPC, and Google's Protobuf. Building a generic sensing platform that can support any sensor technology using any protocol for an IoT project. Loving the contract-based system Google's Protobuf provides for gRPC. It makes working with hundreds of IoT devices MUCH simpler and standardized. Rust also makes running threads on an embedded system fantastic seeing how its thread and memory safe.

Honestly its the first time I'm actually using Rust for a real production application but so far so good, I would recommend it to anyone looking to try out a new systems programming language!


I just started to tinker around with Node and how to make API requests. By now I'm comfortable with writing and understanding React code and I think it's time to make the next step towards Full Stack Development :)



  • CMS


  • Data management best practices
  • R language
  • Blender (hobby)
  • (Relearning) Clojure (work/hobby)

Rasa for professional uses and as a hobby and for personal projects I've been learned Flutter and VueJS


Clojure(It's amazing), Kubernetes, AWS and Kafka mainly.


I'm heavily JS but everybody keeps telling me to learn Python 🚀. I'll get round to it. Eventually!

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