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I get around 5 per day.

I was overloaded with emails from our Atlassian products, but I now have them filtered.

I don't let the 5 emails distract me. I check my inbox twice daily.

I got the idea from Tim Ferriss:

When writing emails, I prevent followup by closing all loops. Not closing a loop will create more emails. I started doing this after reading Deep Work by Cal Newport.

Here is a short summary:


I get around 80 per day. It’s really time consuming process to keep up with all the informations. But it’s kind of a company habit to but some of your coworkers into cc or FYI, just in case you die the next day.


About 5

A while back I made a conscious effort to unsubscribe from stuff that was really of no interest or benefit whatsoever. I snooze emails that need to be dealt with by a certain date so they don't clog up the inbox.

Managing email got more difficult since Google (for some bizarre reason) got rid of their fantastic Inbox product, but I've managed to hack GMail around into something useable, but nowhere near as good


At my old job we needed an email to tie to an account that sent us vehicle related events in order to keep a subscription to these events alive (the setup was real silly).

Every one of these events would generate an email.

There was 14000+ vehicles that could send these in. I made a rule to put them into the trash but I think on average it was probably 5k emails a day.


Around 5 on my personal account, I would say. I have opt-out of all spam/marketing/ad mails and I only receive newsletters or emails for work or other platforms I'm watching like GitHub, Meetup, etc.

On my work account, well I'm constantly getting emails from GH, CircleCI and other platforms we use there. I haven't find a way to filter them based on my team so I just go through them once a day and delete most of them.

In general, my inboxes have 0 emails 90% of the time and the rest I'm just going through them and take actions on them.

I am also using the GTD technique ( to tag emails and keep track of what needs to be done.


I get like two or three each day. Mainly from newsletters I've signed up for.


Around 100-200 a day. I work for a bit financial company where they are hopeless with email lists. There is about 3-4 that are relevant to me. I actually have a lot filtered out already


I would say 4-8 daily. Most are issues from our support team and some from our clients directly.

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