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Discussion on: TailwindCSS: Adds complexity, does nothing.

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Manav Misra

This is a bullshit title. Constructive criticism and OPINIONS is one thing, but the entire premise here is based on taking an extreme, disrespectful stance. I find it extremely beneficial to use Tailwind for a number of reasons as do many other devs.

Mind you, I'm not 'defending myself,' as there's really nothing to defend. I am pointing out that a post with this type of title is barely worthy of a skim.

Bullshit title.

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Brian Boyko Author

I wouldn't call it bullshit.

Clickbaity, maybe.

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Reinier Kaper

Well "does nothing" is absolutely untrue, for starters, I don't think we need to debate that.

"Adds complexity" heavily depends on your use-case. To give you an example: writing a component library is very, very efficient, without any increased complexity whatsoever.