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Depending on your sleep phase, you may wake up during the REM/deep sleep phase, which then you feel tired and sleepy

While waking up during the light sleep your brain can wake up easier.

It's hard to write about that stuff, since English isn't my main language.

Also every body is different so if something works for a friend it doesn't have to be same for you


Usually no, it's just what I experienced the last years with my sleep cycles.

This topic depends on so many variables that you probably should ask a doctor about it, If you are unsure.

I will look for a doctor, and ask him. Thank you guy.


Dude recommended (7 or 8) hours of sleep is misconception & spread everywhere.

Everyone's body is different. These 7-8 hours sleep is average data collected on a group of peoples.

On earth, people like to generalize things & this is the outcome of it.

Sleep usually goes in cycle & those cycles have different intensity. which is what i believe. So maybe this is just waking up on high-intensity cycle.

I would recommend you to google about ashwagandha(this is not medicine BTW).


Thank you Vishal Chovatiya, this plant does not have in my country.


I'm the same way Fernando. Sometimes, it's better for me to wake up after 5 hours. But that's short-lived and I get tired in the late afternoon. Everyone's different and it depends on at what point you are in during your sleep cycle when you wake up. A couple suggestions that could help improve your sleep:

  1. No screen time before bed. If you have to, use night mode or wear some blue-light glasses
  2. Drink water before bed, but not so much that you have to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. When I wake up dehydrated, the start of my day is ruined.
  3. Proper pillow position - if you wake up with back or neck aches, toss and turn, then make sure you've got the right kind of pillows.
  4. Cool temperatures - studies show that people sleep better in colder temperatures

Good luck!


Thanks for the recommendation, I will bring these tips to life. Thanks


Hey Fernando,

This may seem like an ad, but it's not. Try one of the sleep monitoring software. I, for example, am using Sleep Cycle (an iPhone app). It measures, how long do I sleep, how deep I am asleep and it wakes me when I am the light sleep phase (30 minutes window I set the night before, for example, 5:30 - 6:00).

Also, sleeping 7-8 hours is a myth in my opinion (I have no research to back me up, it's my sole observation). I feel rested when I sleep for around 6 hours, my grandmother had the same. My wife, on the other hand, feels great after 8-9 hours. Everyone's different and needs more or less rest. Plus, it all depends on what you are doing during the day. Sometimes I run all day and am not tired at all, the other day – I sit behind a desk with some mundane tasks and fall like a log.

Last but not least, try to keep cool temperature in your bedroom and refrain from looking at the screen for at least one hour before going to bed. Displays emits something that is called a "blue light" and it wakes you up. It's harder to sleep and to have deep sleep phases after long exposure to such light. If you find this difficult, try reading a book (relaxing one, something funny, nothing hard).

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