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Discussion on: Advent of Code 2020 Solution Megathread - Day 8: Handheld Halting

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Christopher Nilsson


def execute_program(lines):
    lines_executed = set()
    cursor = 0
    accumulator = 0

    def acc(lines, cursor, accumulator):
        return (cursor + 1, accumulator + int(lines[cursor][1]))

    def jmp(lines, cursor, accumulator):
        return (cursor + int(lines[cursor][1]), accumulator )

    def nop(lines, cursor, accumulator):
        return (cursor + 1, accumulator)

    terminated = False
    while not terminated and cursor not in lines_executed:
        instruction = lines[cursor][0]

        operations = {
            'jmp': jmp,
            'acc': acc,
            'nop': nop,
        operation = operations[instruction]
        cursor, accumulator = operation(lines, cursor, accumulator)

        # Terminate if end at program
        terminated = cursor == len(lines)
    return terminated, accumulator

def part1(lines):
    _, result = execute_program(lines)
    return result
print part1(lines)

def part2(lines):
    for i in range(len(lines)):
        # Copy lines so that changes don't persist.
        local_lines = [x for x in lines]

        # Switch statement jmp/nop
        if 'jmp' in local_lines[i][0]:
            local_lines[i] = ('nop', local_lines[i][1])
        elif 'nop' in local_lines[i][0]:
            local_lines[i] = ('jmp', local_lines[i][1])

        terminated, result = execute_program(local_lines)

        if terminated:
    return result
print "Solution part 2: %d" % part2(lines)
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My solution for day 08, where I have tried to make it easy to extend. Just in case we have to continue building on this another day 😬 (getting some intcode flashbacks from 2019...)