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I was using it for a while, and I found one thing really annoying: where are reminders? You can set a reminder in Inbox, Calendar, Keep and by Assistant, and you can always see all of them in all places. But now we have Tasks which you can only see in a dedicated app and in Gmail. Nowhere in Calendar or Keep. Why not converting reminders to tasks, or adding reminders to tasks? I'm sure they will do it in the future, but nowadays the best integration comes from Reminders.


I've never used reminders are we on the same page whrre can I find them?!👋


I'm sorry, I forgot to answer your question. You won't see reminders on Gmail, that's the problem. You can set reminders if you add a date & time reminder in Google Keep notes, in Google Calendar (via add new reminder), talking to Google Assistant or if you use Inbox by Gmail. You can view any reminder in every one of that four places, doesn't matter where did you create it. The new Gmail tasks can only be seen on Gmail or on it's dedicated mobile app, so it's nice but less functional than the old option.

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