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re: So what was the point of changing that file to that one-liner if you then modifying it to the initial code with small changes?

Sorry, which one liner?
EDIT: Now should be pointing to the right file, everything should make sense now.

So, we created this file cmd/gql-server/main.go, then we are moving that files logic to pkg/server/main.go and calling the exposed Run() function. Afterwards we add this utility which helps to read from .env file. However, we then are using these utility functions back in cmd/gql-server/main.go where we have Server.run(). I suppose we need to modify the file in pkg folder.

Am I missing something? I'm just trying to follow the guide.

Sorry if my initial comment sounded rude, didn't intend to that.

Yes you were correct, I've modified the source according your observations, thank you Michael!

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