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Discussion on: Open Source API Gateways?

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Cédrick Lunven

I consultant working in the domain those are the ones I saw:

Well my personal opinion is I don’t feel 100% confident with this kind of tools as OSS (even if I am an active OSS commiter myself) Those pieces are meant to protect and secure your IS in a way. If I got the source code of the tool protecting your IS it’s easier for me to forge an attack.

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james-tyk • Edited on

Hey Cédrick, thanks for mentioning open source API Gateway

Our gateway is 100% open source, the same open source version is used by Cisco and Capital One, as is used by anyone taking the gateway from our package repositories or Github.

Precisely because it is open and transparent, it is trusted and loved by highly regulated industries. This is why Tyk has so many healthcare, financial service and telco customers - no "black boxes" or "systems calling home" from your network!

Enterprise customers can also purchase a support SLA and contract, to ensure ongoing maintenance and support for their deployment.

We believe that open and transparent code makes for better security, and our users agree.

Vive la Open Source!