What are the different types of cloud computing?

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Cloud computing offers three different types of services.
Depending on the user's needs, each type of cloud computing service is used individually or in combination with others. Here is a brief description of the three types of cloud computing services.

Software as a Service (SaaS): -

SaaS is also called "software on-demand". SaaS users, instead of obtaining a full license for a different software, periodically rent the software and use it through a web browser. The variety of software that SaaS offers is very wide. There are a number of software provided by SaaS that is used by companies dealing with content management, human resource management, accounting, ERP, customer relationship management, and other areas. relevant.

The cloud computing type of software as a service is growing very rapidly, while the largest market for software as a service today is customer relationship management.

Platform as a Service (PaaS): -

(PaaS) provides computing platforms for cloud computing users. It is also the link between the other two services provided by cloud computing, namely SaaS and IaaS.

A normal computer requires a computing platform that includes a hardware architecture with a software framework. This platform is the foundation for hardware and software collaboration that includes the computer's operating system, architecture, and languages. Therefore, in terms of cloud computing, in the absence of a real computer, it is Platform as a Service that provides users with everything they need to build an IT platform.

Some of the features that PaaS offers include hosting, deployment, testing, application development, and application design. Additionally, cloud service providers that offer PaaS include a number of capabilities for designing, testing, deploying, hosting, and running applications. All these facilities can be used by both individuals and professional clients who subscribe to a single package with all the functions included.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): -

IaaS is the third type of cloud computing. Just as PaaS and SaaS provide different software and hardware installations based on a cloud platform, IaaS provides a virtualized platform. The hardware virtualization process shows users only the abstract computing platform rather than physical functionality. This virtualization gives rise to the creation of what is called a virtual machine monitor hypervisor '' that allows the creation of the third part of cloud computing, that is, the interface as a service.

The infrastructure available to Interface as Service users includes software, servers, network equipment, and space in the data center. The cost that cloud service providers charge customers generally depends on the amount of activity performed by the user and is therefore not fixed. However, there is a minimum amount of fees depending on the number of installations a user has also subscribed to.

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