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For work we have dived completely into using GitHub Projects. Only the developers use this as we have to work with a bunch of different teams using different requirements trackers. Reasons we've dived into GitHub Projects include:

  • Project Board Automations: the ability to have issues and pull requests automatically move based on whether it's been closed, reopened or PR changes requested was a huge draw card for our team.
  • Multi Repo Boards at an Organisation Level: you can have multi repo boards if they are part of an organisation (so either paying for the Teams subscription or an Open Source organisation).
  • Tagging Issues and PRs across multiple Project Boards: this is an interesting one to explain. For our actual "projects" we have going, we have really "thin" project boards. These thin project boards are completely driven by automations so no user interaction required. These thin project boards are just used to track project completion and where the requirement is driven from. We then have our Development Team board which all the developers work from as we track all our work through the development process.
  • Using Milestones for Release Tracking: we follow a consistent milestone naming convention across repos (the date). This allows us to filter our team board to identify when we are planning for things to go out.

For the volunteer work I do I make use of Trello and its GitHub integration. Trello was the best for being able to have back and forth conversations with the staff who weren't technical users / developers. Trello having a mobile app was also a huge win in encouraging adoption with the staff.


Such detailed feedback! Thank you very much for this! I think a lot of people here will find it very useful. Using GitHub Pages for dev teams makes even more sense for me now...

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