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Hello, I'm Tim Knight, writing on behalf of Click Travel engineering team.

Introducing myself personally, I am the Tech Lead of our Flights team, delivering API connections to enable our business travel platform to offer the best results for our customers. I'm moving from more Software Development focus, writing in Node 6/8, to a more architect and management role, focussing on how I can make development easier for my team.

Click Travel is one the UK's fastest-growing tech companies - committed to improving the business travel experience. We've won awards both for our Technical expertise and for our Platform as a whole.

We use a wide range of AWS tools to support our Platform, primarily basing our new code in Node.Js running on Lambda, with access through API Gateway, but we have code running on Java 8 on EC2 instances, and various Cognito, Redshift, and Athena projects.

We try to keep ourselves at the edge of what AWS can do for us, so we're here both to learn more about how we can use AWS but also give examples of how we use the technology and work as a business in an Agile way.

A fun fact about myself; I'm currently training as a pro-wrestler on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

I personally listen to music whilst coding, I usually have Primordial Radio, playing Rock, Metal and "beyond" on, my personal favourite bands are Parkway Drive and Frank Turner (and the Sleeping Souls).

I also run a "playlist of the week" across the company; we pick a topic which has come up or is tied to the week in question, i.e. this week was based around BAFTAs and Grammys. Each person chooses a song, adds it to one of my public Spotify playlists, and we aim to listen to it on a Thursday so that people in the company can share music taste and introduce each other to new music.

As a sign-off; from this account, you'll see posts from myself, and other engineers, we'll try to end our posts with a signature to let you know which one of us is writing on behalf of Click Travel.

Thanks for reading what turned out to be quite a long post! :)

Tim Knight
Flights - Tech Lead
Click Travel

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