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Discussion on: The 5 Commandments of Naming Variables

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Claudio Scatoli • Edited on

About the II one, use plural nouns for array names:
I found that adding a "typifing" word of some sort to the name makes it even easier to read.


  • foreignCountriesArray
  • foreignCountriesList
  • foreignCountriesCollection

I often fell that just adding the 's' is not "signaling" enough, especially when there's a variable that refers to one of the elements of that array


  • foreignVillage (an elem of the array)
  • foreignVillages (the array)

What do you think about that?

Often it makes the code more verbose, but is it always bad? (IV rule)

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Chandu J S

I prefer foreignCountryList instead of foreignCountriesList because that is much readable.?