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Discussion on: I am lucky, you are not.

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Claudio Scatoli • Edited on

I think you hit the bullseye with this article.

I've already read enough comments about GitHub being racist: please, stop it with the nonsense guys, that is not the f-ig point.

The point is that an organization (GitHub) is proactively endangering the open source ecosystem.


I'm Italian, I live in Italy, and like you, Jérôme, I had never ever thought about an issue like this one: at some level it really scares me.

The thought of having my code taken by my hands because of my sheer unluck had never passed through my head.

And the keyword is unluck, because I, like you Jérôme, am really really really lucky to live where I live, to have been born where I was born.


Good luck to any developer who was blocked without the chance to save their work, whether you are Iranian, Curd, Chinese or from any other part of this beautiful world.


As for me, that's the straw that broke the camel's back: I am deleting all my projects and repos on GitHub, I will completely migrate to a selfhosted Gitlab or similar git software.

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Claudio Scatoli

I can't understand Chinese, I'm sorry, but google translate says you are thanking me, or something like that.


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Jérôme Gamez Author • Edited on

Thank you for your comment, it resonates with me a lot!

I was wondering if even GitHub as an organization is to blame - they are bound to the laws of the country they’re in, as we all are. I‘ve read that, had they given their users a prior notice and a window to prepare for the change, they would have broken the law already (I haben’t confirmed that statement).

From what I‘ve experienced with them so far, the people working at GitHub (again: like you and me) are well-meaning, and I‘m sure they tried to handle the situation the best they could.

As for the migration to a self-hosted environment: have you already explored where you would do it, e.g. at an Italian provider? So many service providers are located in the US or in countries closely tied to the US - I wonder, if it came to the decision, a provider in Germany or Great Britain would take the risk getting embargoed as well :/