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Congratulations on your 1-year streak. I had a rush at the beginning of the year, and I completed about 30 weeks until I had to take a step back because of the same reasons.

It takes a lot of effort to write an article, produce videos, etc. I think it's crucial always to do what you want to do not to get burned out. It feels like forcing the release of an article because of an artificial deadline cannot be healthy in the long run. It's the main reason why I stopped to post every Wednesday, but post when I find the time.

Keep it up; your articles are exciting and helpful to the community.


I completely agree. Churning out posts just to meet a made up deadline, badge or points is a dangerous game for post quality and mental health.

Taking a couple of weeks off to put time into other projects is going to keep things more balanced for me over the next few months.

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