4 Reasons Why Console Applications Are Great

Claudio Bernasconi on April 12, 2019

Why should you care about writing a console application in 2019 where everyone is talking about user experience, artificial intelligence (AI) and... [Read Full]
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I love console applications!

I used to write a lot of small C# console applications for quick tasks, but nowadays I tend to use PowerShell more.

I remember back in 2009, at a company I worked for, I was tasked with writing a small utility to trigger a more complex task. When I submitted program.cs for review with instructions to csc program.cs to compile the program, the feedback I got was, "what is this sh*t?" The reviewer was used to web application development only.


Few months ago I wrote a website for the family to take notes and such used firebase as a backend for it. While it worked for my family it didn't work much for me though I don't get too much on the website but I decided to give it a go with a console based app (with node though) but it was indeed a fun experience! and I do actually use that more often :)

I think I'll give it a go on C#


Console applications are great. I often use them to test the code I need to write for real projects I'm working on. One thing I'd mention in your post is the support for async Main. This is very useful if you are testing async methods.



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