Drying Out CSS Selectors with Sass Maps

Claire Parker-Jones on April 23, 2018

First attempt: repetitive selectors I recently wrote some Sass code that looked similar to this: $color-apple: green; $color-lemon: ye... [Read Full]
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I just used this pattern last week to generate a bunch of "brand classes". It helps a lot with cleaning verbose files, and makes selectors very consistent.

But be aware that debugging a class generated like this can be tricky, even with sourcemaps.

Do not over use it, or maintenance will be hell for anyone not an expert in Sass.

A usually surround these tricks with thorough documentation in the comments.


Nice! I've been using Sass for awhile, and I didn't know about these features.


I REALLY need to incorporate the use of SASS maps more in my projects. So useful!

Great post, Claire! 👍🏻


Amazing, didn't know scss could do that. Thank you!


This is amazing though!

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