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Discussion on: How's your Hacktoberfest progress?

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Corbin Taylor

Update to my progress:

4/4. Three to a JS eslint plugin project that I'm having some fun adding to and fixing issues, and one where I was converting Python 2 to 3 for a 30 Days of Code Repository.

I've done 6 PRs in total, but two of my PRs were marked as invalid as they were to repositories of algorithm and data structures (though, I added in a couple hundred lines of code to those and I did it from scratch with tests). Fair enough. Still was fun to code up graph search algorithms from scratch just to brush up, and because they are my favorite algorithms.

I'm having fun with Hacktoberfest, this being my first time participating, and I plan to put in more PRs by the end of the month. Perhaps I can get to 10 with my busy schedule =)