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Introducing BannerCLI

cjpatoilo profile image CJ Patoilo ・1 min read

A command-line interface to add relevant information to your source code from package data. This lib reads the package.json files, then a banner is generated based on each of these values: name, version, homepage, year, author, and license.

I am always looking for a way to simplify common tasks. Developing tools that help me automate some actions is the best way to learn something new. BannerCLI was born with a very simple goal: get the information from the package.json to register in any file.

I use BannerCLI to build some personal projects: Milligram, Airform, OpenFB, ReactChip, and others. BannerCLI is Open Source (MIT) and available on GitHub, with over +13k downloads and +125 dependents.

I hope you enjoy!


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