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re: This is a good summary. I'd add to this that Kotlin actually really strives (to me it seems that way at least) to get out of the JVM's headlock. Ko...

I don't think it's trying to get out of the JVM headlock at all. The Jetbrains team is perfectly happy having Kotlin remain a better Java. I think they just saw a great opportunity to increase popularity of Kotlin by making it possible to reuse code across multiple projects using different tech stacks.

In particular, the adoption for Android made it natural to want to use the same code for iOS, and so Kotlin/Native was born. Likewise, using Kotlin on the server made it natural to want to use the same code on Javascript clients, and so we got Kotlin/JS.

But on both cases, I think the branching into other platforms is driven very strongly by its deep ties to the Java platform, and that will continue to be its bread-and-butter.

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