Comment from a deleted article or podcast

I like playing board games, and making score-keeping apps for my favorite games is my standard "Hello World" for learning new things. They are great because you can keep them very simple or make them really complex, and there's lots to learn along the way. Not to mention, it's more exciting than a to do list, because you might actually keep using it later 😊

For simpler apps, you can go with little more than a list of players and button to increment/decrement their score. You can start to play around managing state with multiple buttons to increment/decrement different values (+1, +5, +10, etc) and make those values configurable.

Adding a bit of complexity, you can introduce OOP structure with making base classes for generic "games", then extending that with addition functionality for specific game types or scoring systems.

Going even further, you can set up the users/games/etc in a database and introduce the fundamentals of SQL. Many-to-many relationship of games to players, etc.

Using firebase, you can actually make these score keeping apps all synced up so that each player can always view the scores of the game at any time! Just make sure proper permissions are in place to prevent cheating 😜