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I'll kick off the discussion with some of my goals!

  • 1) I want to get more involved with Open Source. Last year, I made a goal to make my first contributions to open-source projects, and this year I want to improve upon that goal. I will contribute in some meaningful way (code, documentation, testing, etc. Not just opening an issue.) at least once per month, with a stretch goal of twice per month. In addition, I will contribute to two projects that I have not yet contributed to.
  • 2) Develop a sense of empathy for users. I want to better connect with those using the products I create, and I need to be able to think like a user not a developer to accomplish this end. I want to explore user-interface design concepts while learning to use a tool like Figma or Sketch, so that I can dedicate time purely on creating the experience that users want without getting blissfully lost in the technical development. I don't have much of a roadmap yet for this goal, but I would love some recommendations from the community here!
  • 3) Invest more time in documentation and testing. Especially at work, where deadlines are tight, it can be hard to justify time for documentation and testing. But as I have seen over and over, these two aspects can really make-or-break an open source project, and I want to start to change the norm of internal projects just having no documentation/low bus factor
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