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What techniques do usually use for achieving your goals?

I don't want to sound overly cynical, but being good at what you do generally helps. And the way to get good at something doesn't really change, be it work, sports or hobbies: conscious practice. Do, see what went wrong, do it a little better next time. Accept that their will be plateaus, they are natural points where your knowledge solidifies.

If people spent as much time doing that as they spend chasing life and study "hacks", reading motivational or self-help books most of the latter wouldn't exist. The habits of "successful people" don't really matter, they are not you. Find what works for you, become successful by your own definition and your habits will automatically be those of a successful person.


Let's get a bit recursive (and still not cynical) here: how do you become good at something enough so it is helpful in becoming good at something?🀯


Not sure, but I have a good Idea on how you don’t: overthinking.

Small fail fast iterations would be my best guess


Thank you for your opinion! I appreciate it πŸ™‚


Totally agree. I see too often people chasing the "successful person" schema and ending up being miserable, wondering how this could happen.

Everyone has to do his work and make his own failures. Of course, you can learn from other people, but don't blindly follow them, as their path might work for them well, but not necessarily for you.

Get inspired by stories but don't recreate them, create your own one :)

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