re: What is your "Coder/Language Fit" VIEW POST


For many years my answer would have been Ruby.

Nowadays I really don't know though: I wrote/contributed to production code in C, Visual Basic, Perl, PHP, Ruby, Python, Clojure, Go, JS (and things that transpile to it), Java, SQL, MUMPS, Lua, Erlang, Swift, and probably some others I forgot. I spend most of my time with Go right now, because we do a lot of it at work and I like it well enough.

However, if I really had to pick one, my vote would go to Elixir, because it meshes a lot of the things I like about different languages into a pleasant and coherent whole that just makes sense to me. The honorable mentions go to Rust, since I'm quite interested in low-level/systems programming and SQL which oddly enough I've always enjoyed.

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